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Carbonado School District Update

Parents, Families and Community Members,


The Pierce County superintendents attended a meeting with the Pierce County Health Department today. It is their recommendation, based on COVID-19 cases in OUR county RIGHT NOW, that it would be unsafe to open schools in early September. Here is the link:


HOWEVER, that recommendation could change as time goes by and before school reopens. Our neighboring districts, that are much larger, must have time to plan for a larger number of students. We already have a plan in place unless we are unable to open because of the COVID numbers. We have communicated that all along. If the numbers do not go down significantly then it will mean DISTANCE LEARNING. There will be no choice in the matter.

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July 23, 2020


Carbonado is still meeting and advocating individually with the health department. I KNOW what every citizen will say to me, “Jessie, how many cases are or have been in Carbonado?” TRUST me, we are working on it. I get to be in meetings daily. I’m actually still at work, believe it or not.


I fully understand the gravity of distance learning which is why we have always had a plan in place to have students on campus for a maximum amount of time. You have a dedicated staff who are willing to take on roles that are not in their typical job description because they believe it is better for students to be on campus. Everyone wants to be with your children. I understand and have always felt blessed to live in a community who values their school. I understand the gravity of honoring your tax paying dollars. I understand the hardships of parents not being teachers. I understand the gravity of parents not being able to afford childcare. I understand some people think masks are an invasion of their rights. I understand that some people are deathly afraid of this pandemic. I understand the gravity of feeling responsible for students and staff’s safety. I would resign the day a student or staff member gets severely sick or died from this.  


Unless you hear from the administration in Carbonado, please do not panic. Please call the school or email me, I would love to talk how I am on YOUR side and advocating for our kids. We are still hopeful that we can bring kids back. Whether you want to hear this next part or not, follow the guidelines from the county health for our best chance to get students back.


In Service,


July 1, 2020

Best Case Scenario:

  • Early Kindergarten: Students will be on campus two days a week with the teacher from 8:30-11:00. Families will receive individual phone calls from us as school gets closer.

  • Kindergarten-5th Grade: Students will be on campus 8:30-2:00, Tuesdays-Fridays.

  • Sixth Grade-8th Grade: Students will be on campus 8:30-12:30, Tuesdays-Fridays and flexibility to stay until 2:00. 


We will use Mondays for any student who may need some more individual time to meet a need.


Students will be able to come on campus to start health screenings (temperature checks) beginning at 8:00. We are required to socially distance students in the classrooms and ensure they wear face coverings. We will provide breaks throughout the day, whether that be PE or recess with just their class. If they are outside, they are able to have their face coverings off while still social distancing. 


For those who are not comfortable sending their children back to school, your options are:

  1. Distance learning with us--students will be expected to connect online when teachers are live teaching in the classroom with students. There will be more work and scheduled classes than what was delivered this past campus closure.

  2. Homeschool your child(ren) on your own accord by declaring an intent to homeschool through the district office.

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Carbonado School Board

The Carbonado School Board meets the third Monday of every month, except for January and February. On these two months, the Board meets the third Tuesday due to holidays. All meetings start at 6:30pm.

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