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Mt. Rainier Evacuation Plan


  1. An announcement will be made from the intercom, “Please follow our Mt. Rainier Evacuation Plan.”  Our destination is “Bocci Hill” at the top of Greenbrier Lane.

  2. Teachers are to immediately instruct students in their class to line up at the door with coats on and partners.

  3. Teachers are to secure their Medical Alert Red Folders and First Aid Kit.

  4. Classrooms are to exit the building following the fire emergency route exit and go to designated area to take attendance.

  5. Lynn Weston/Emily Jones will collect the attendance and give to Penny Fry.

  6. Ava Hubbard, Emily Jones, and Laura Argo will remain at the school to attend to any injured students and wait for the school van to take them up to Greenbrier Lane.

  7. All classes will walk silently down 6th Street to Pershing Avenue.  The classes will be paired - 8th grade with Kindergarten, 7th grade with 1st grade, 6th grade with 2nd grade, 5th grade with 3rd grade, and 4th will be together.

  8. Eighth grade crossing guards will assist in getting students safely across Pershing Avenue.

  9. Students will be led to Greenbrier Lane.

  10. Teachers will lead the students up to the top of the hill on Greenbrier Lane.

  11. Upon arrival at the top of Greenbrier Lane, teachers will take role and account for any missing students.  Scott Hubbard will go to each teacher and collect his or her attendance.

  12. Jessie Sprouse will greet parents at Greenbrier Lane and explain to them the process if the parent wishes to take their child from our area.  Holly Barrett will have the parent sign out with her.

  13. The custodian and office staff will put all necessary emergency supplies in the school van.

  14. The custodian and office staff will check for any students that might have been left on campus.

  15. The custodian and office staff will bring the supplies and any remaining students to the top of the hill on Greenbrier Lane.




  1. Teachers will take roll.  They will take their Red Folder and First Aid Kit with them.

  2. Lynn Weston/Emily Jones will collect the attendance from teachers and give to Penny Fry/Tonya Mills.

  3. All students and staff will walk in pairs silently down the designated route.

  4. Joe King and Penny Frame will be responsible for having the crossing guard materials with our group.

  5. Jessie Sprouse and Holly Barrett will assist parents that need assistance at Greenbrier Lane.

  6. Luke Scott, Cheryl Day, Patti Ross, and Penny Fry/Tonya Mills will get the emergency materials from the Don Argo Community Gym and look for missing children.

  7. Ava Hubbard, Emily Jones, and Laura Argo will attend to injured children.

  8. The fire department will try to block off traffic from coming down 8th Avenue and Pershing Avenue.




1)  _____  Media Plan/Phone Response - All staff members will send any member of the media to the Carbonado Fire Hall. The official district response will be:


We followed our Community Approved Plan for this situation.  Every staff member performed his or her responsibilities.  The goal was to ensure the safety of the children at Carbonado School.  By following the plan, we feel we accomplished this.


2)  _____  Verify Facts - The Mr. Hubbard or Mr. King will verify the facts of the                event and coordinate with staff.


3) _____  Consider Need for Legal Counsel - Mr. Hubbard will decide if legal counsel is needed.


4) _____   Staff Meeting/Debriefing - Mr. Hubbard or Mr. King will meet with staff the following morning for a debriefing.


5) _____  Identify Victims of Trauma - Staff will identify any students in need of medical or counseling support.


6) _____  Crisis Team Meeting - The Crisis Response Team (Mr. Hubbard, Mr. King, Ms. Visnaw, Mrs. Hix, and Mrs. Lukasiak) will meet to go over what is needed for the school and community.


7) _____  Contact Flight Team/Mental Health Agencies - Ms. Visnaw or Mrs. Lukasiak will contact our Flight Team Coordinator to bring up the team.


8) _____  Designate Family Liaison - If there was a fatality, Mr. Hubbard and the appropriate staff person will visit the family.


9) _____  Determine when/how school will resume – Mr. Hubbard will determine when school should resume and provide notification to the Carbonado Community.


10)_____  Hire Substitutes - Mrs. Patti Ross will try to hire additional substitutes for staff in need.


11)_____  Set Up Saferooms - Mrs. Lukasiak will designate rooms as Safe Rooms for students and staff in need of Flight Team members.


12)_____  Support for High Risk Students - Staff will identify any students in need of counseling.


13)_____  Identify Needs for Future Building Security – Mr. Luke Scott, Mrs. Cheryl Day, and Mr. Hubbard will go through the school facilities to see where improvement is needed.


14)_____  Distribute List of Local Resources/Agencies as needed – Mrs. Lukasiak and Mrs. Hix will distribute list to those in need.


15)_____  Parent Letter/Meeting - Mr. Hubbard will plan a parent meeting to communicate how the process went for the school.


16)_____  Initial Planning for Memory Activity - If there was a fatality, Ms. Visnaw will plan the memory activity.


17)_____  Determine/Plan for Follow-Up Needs - The Crisis Response Team will meet to decide if there are any follow-up needs.


18)_____  Plan for Debriefings - Mr. Hubbard will debrief with staff at the end of the first school day and meet briefly with staff the second day (continue as needed).

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