Big Bright Beautiful World

After Big Bright Beautiful World

Story of My Life

Pinocchio's Nose

Shrek Crossover

Holiday For Duloc

What's Up, Duloc? (Part 1)

What's Up, Duloc? (Part 2)

The Raffle

Wha't Up, Duloc? (Reprise)

Fiona Tower Move

I Know It's Today

I Know It's Today (Playoff)

Travel Song

Before "Forever"

Dragon Roar


Forever (Playoff)

This Is How A Dream Comes True


Morning Person

I Think I Got You Beat

Make A Move

Sunset (2)

The Curse

Morning Person (Reprise)


Fare Thee Well Ogre

Freak Flag

Freak Flag (Playoff)

Wedding Procession

Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)

Cathedral Sunset (Part 1)

Cathedral Sunset (Part 2)

Transformation (Part 1)

Transformation (Part 2)


I'm A Believer

Exit Music

Rehearsal  Accomp.

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