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Responsibilities of Staff

During an Emergency


  1. Teachers are to remain with their homeroom students at all times in the student assembly area.  (If there is a need to communicate something to the command post, make sure another teacher is aware and he/she will watch your students.)

  2. Ava Hubbard, Laura Argo, Emily Jones, Denise Morgan, and Chris Anderson will be at the First Aid Station (located on the grass softball field).

  3. Lynn Weston/Emily Jones will be the Attendance Collector for all emergencies.

  4. Holly Barrett will be at the “Parent Request Gate” which is located next to the parking lot in left field.

  5. Penny Fry/Tonya Mills will be at the “Parent Release Gate.”  She will keep documentation of all students leaving the grounds.

  6. Patti Ross will be at the “Media Center.”  It will be at the entrance of the dirt softball field.  No statements will be given about students.  A blanket statement will be given to the media.  The statement will be:

We followed our Community Approved Plan for this situation.  Every staff member knew his or her responsibilities.  The goal was to ensure the safety of the children at Carbonado School.  By following the plan, we feel we accomplished this.

  1. Scott Hubbard will be at the Command Post.  All updates will be given to him, so decisions can be made.

  2. Jessie Sprouse will be at the “Adult Debriefing Area.”  Jessie will ask them to stay with her until she knows where their child is.  Cindy Scott can assist Jessie with this area if she is available.

  3. Joe King will be in charge of the “Morgue.”  It will be located between the Don Argo Community Gym and the Main Building.

  4. The Sanitation Area will be by the Community Gym.

  5. Luke Scott, Adam Argo, and Cheryl Day will be the “Search and Rescue” team.  Teachers will identify any missing students and they will try to find them.

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